Recon inspectors are low-cost, multi-ticketed, certified inspectors performing work in accordance with:

  • API 653/510/570
  • CWB
  • NACE
  • Irata
  • Laser Scanning (Defects, analysis, anomalies)

Personnel are trained to use industry best practices to apply inspection methods and results to the development and implementation of effective maintenance programs for piping, storage tanks, pressure vessels, boilers, and structural equipment.

We have a fully operational and certified Irata program (Rope Access) which gives us access to difficult locations, provides advanced site rescue service and increases our safety by reinforcing “Stop the Drop” practices.

Our rope access technicians are multi-ticketed world leaders in rigging and rescue while performing complex industry related tasks.

Recon uses paperless documentation systems,  advanced field level data collection, cross-certification and strong hiring practices to provide sites with the most versatile technicians.

We support our technicians with a country wide emergency response system, zero lost time incidents, ISNet, strong training programs and procedures.

Recon inspectors have worked coast to coast on maintenance, Shut-Down and Turn-Around projects.